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Welcome to The Land of Smiles!

Doi Suthep Temple
The Unique temple on Suthep Mountain!

Health is wealth


Body&Mind Solution
The most efficient way to be in better state for both physical and mental health.
This programe has been tailored to bring a complete state of the three elements : The body(physical),emotion,and the mind.  Because of the inseperable existience of the three elements,it is not possible to effective cure or improve one without involving the other two. The Body&Mind Solution harmoniously synchronizes the process to give the efficient techniques to take care of the three elements at the same time. Because of better health results better emotion and mental. 

The Whole Body
Starting with easy stretching,proper breathing,to suit each individaul physical condition. Practice certain posteurs to release muscle tension etc.
The Oriental Movement
The Meditation for Relaxation
Tune the mind to the 'inner peace' this is the next step after adjusting physical and emotion then to practice the basic meditation with our instructor for practical meditation instruction.  The peace of mind obtained from this session is a perfect serenity you have never experienced before.
The Unique Study Programe provides for
a)  Meditation for Beginners
b)  Meditation for Self-Healing
c)  Human Development Programe,Building Leadership for Organization...or Companies !
d)  As you require...
Every Course ,you can  do 'Free Try Optical Massage'  ....

Back to Nature !
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Optional ' Thai Yoga Course ' and packages programes 
2 N 3 D,3 N 4D, 4 N 5 D,5 N 6 D or as you require....
Please ask more information from  ' Chusri '  

Loy KraThong !
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For more information contact 'Chusri'
Address :
5/15 Soi 4, ChangPuak Rd.,ChiangMai 50200 Thailand