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Welcome to The Land of Smiles!
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We provide package programe,including excursion from 8-13 November or as you require,Free Lotus Form made of bananaleaf...for package programe.  Loy KraThong will present 9-10 Nov .


Please do not use the advertising abouve,we provide legal trip with License  No . 23-1413

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Welcome to Loy Krathong Festival,November,on Full Moon Night&Royal Flora!
This year is Special for Royal Flora and Full Moon Night 'Loy KraThong Festival',you can join us at Meditation Training Centre for Katin day with Meditationf\ or small Krathong,but the huge Krathong will present in the middle of ChiangMai on 10 November. After that you can float Lotus form made of banana leaves on the river with Candle light.  It is romantic and you will never forget this festival.
Please contact 'Chusri' for reservation and for more 'PackageProgrames 'such as Alternative Treatment; Foot Massage, Herbal Massage Course ,Thai Yoga,Thai Herbs Cooking Course,Fruit &Vegetable Carving  or as you require...
Mobile    : 66(0) 89 7583945 , 66 (0) 82 932 9616 

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Time and Tie wait for no man !

World Peace through Inner Peace!


The First Week-end of February will join with ChiangMai Carnival,Thailand ... 
                     Happy Holidays!

Let's up hold the holy relics!
Let's make a wish ...

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Happy Holidays!