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Welcome to Loy Krathong Festival!
Let's join us on Full Moon Night, November.

Loy Krathong Festival will present every full moon night ,November...  The first lady who made krathong,Lotus form made of banana leaves names Nopphamas.   She would like to up hold the Lord Bhudda at  that time .  This can show of Thai Art of Living ,Culture and Traditions by visiting those small and huge Krathongs with candle lights on the river.
We make the diffrence!
Time and tie wait for no man
Contact 'Chusri' for reservation and krathongs to join with the Festival with friends and your family.
E-mail : 

Painting from the children
Happy hours!

You can register before how to make krathongs and how beautiful are hand made candle light .
Contact 'Chusri' for the Unique Thai Heritage Programe


Happiness through Inner Peace!
Let's join us at ChiangMai,Thailand

What's New for Thai Heritage Programe?
a)   Clean Me Out Programe
b)   Herbal Massage Course
c)    Thai Herbs Cooking
d)    Herbs  Garden
e)    Thai Yoga
f)     Boat Trip on Ping River
g)    Candle Store
h)    Batik
i)      As you require...

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